U-Lock Setup | Step-By-Step

  1. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Download Noke App
  3. Select "Create Account" in bottom left corner
  4. Enter Information in required fields                                               
  5. After reviewing, agree to the terms of service policy and click Next
  6. Select photo from your phone's photo library or take a new photo, crop to liking and click OK
  7. Select three security questions with coordinating answers and click Register
  8. You will receive a confirmation email. Verify your email address by clicking the Confirm button in confirmation email
  9. You are now able to login to your app using the email and password you created
  10. To add your lock, click the + in the top right corner and click the button of your lock to wake it up                                                                                             
  11. Once your phone finds your lock, give your lock a name and click Next
  12. Select a photo for your lock or take a new photo
  13. Set a custom Quick Click code and select Next
  14. Proceed through instructional pages by clicking Next
  15. Finally, save changes by clicking Save
  16. Hold lock next to phone and press down on its button to save settings
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  • 06-Nov-2015