Fob | FAQs

What is a fob?

The fob is a Bluetooth enabled key that allows you to unlock your Noke without the use of a smart phone or quick-click code. 

When would I want to use a fob?

Fobs are especially useful if you want to lock your phone in a locker or if you want your child/friend/employee to have access to a lock and they don't own a smartphone. 

How does a fob work? 

When you walk up to your lock, press down on the shackle. Then squeeze the fob, holding it near the lock. Noke will unlock immediately without the use of your phone or quick-click code.

Can my fob be the primary method I use to open the Nokē?

Yes, if you'd like your fob to open your Noke instead of your phone, simply turn off the Bluetooth on your phone OR shut down the Noke app. This will force your Noke to connect with your fob instead of your phone.

How many fobs can control a single lock?

Ten fobs can control one lock.

How many locks can be controlled by a single fob?

Ten locks can be controlled by one fob.

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  • 24-Aug-2016