Noke U-Lock | General Usage

Button Presses. Noke responds to presses on the button on the outer base of the lock. A regular press is a firm press down and a release. A short press is perfect. No need to hold down the button. Lights will indicate when you’ve activated Noke.

Sleeping. To prolong battery life, Noke is always sleeping until you press the button. A blue light will flash indicating Noke has been awakened.

  • Click button to wake and open. Once the button is pressed, Noke starts looking for a device that has permission to open it. If it finds a device and receives the correct digital key, Noke will unlock and then go right back to sleep. A green light will flash indicating Noke has unlocked.

  •   To lock Noke, close shackle and press down firmly. A red light will indicate Noke   is locked.

Battery. Noke uses a specially formulated AA battery, designed to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Jumpstart. If the battery dies while in the locked position, Noke employs external contacts on the outer base allowing you to touch a 9V battery to them and provide power to Noke like you would to a dead car battery. Once the replacement battery is touched to the contacts, you may open Noke as you normally would, using: 1-Step Unlock, 2-Step Unlock, Quick-Click, or Key Fob.

Light. Noke has a light to indicate various activities. In bright sunlight, you may need to cup your hand over the light to create shade, making the light appear brighter. The light indicates as follows:

  • Off. Sleeping
  • Blue. Normal Shackle Press
  • White. Long Shackle Press
  • Green flash. Unlock
  • Multi-color flash. Updating lock with new settings or firmware
  • Red flash. Lock
  • Red fade to off. Entering sleep mode
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  • 03-Dec-2015